How To Register A Domain

Important: Before you register your domain name. Give some thought to how your business can be marketed and what type of image you want to transmit. We can help you with this but your goal should be to get your name visible in as many places as possible and you want people to recognise that name and associate it with your products/services.

There are many places online where you can register domain names. We recommend, and have always used, to register our domains. Below is a walk-through guide of how to register your domain with

  1. Go to and create an account.


  1. Once the account is created, login and then hover over “Domains” in the menu bar and then click on “Domain Name Search” (click images for larger version)
Domain Name Register 1
Domain Name Register 2
  1. Type in the name you want for your domain. e.g. foilsocks, and then click “Search”.
  1. Namecheap usually searches to see if the .com version is available first. If  it is, and you want to purchase the .com version, just click on the “Add to cart” button. You can use the scroll bar to look down the page at all available TLD (.com,, .net, etc) versions available. If your first choice domain is not available, try adding an extra word connected to your business, e.g. “foilsocksdesign”, etc, until you find a suitable available name. Try to avoid using hyphens (foilsocks-design) but use no more than 1, if you have no other option.
Domain Name Register 3

NOTE: If your customers/clients are local or UK-based, “” is all you need. If you market your services globally, then try to get the “.com” version (it’s even better to register both versions to prevent another business using your name).

Domain Name Register 5


  1. Click on “Add To Cart” for whichever domain/s you wish to register. Then hover your cursor over the cart button at the top of the page and click on the red “View Cart” button.
  1. In the next screen, add the “PossitiveSSL” to your cart. This is important, as without it, anyone visiting your website will first see a warning that the site is not secure.


  1. Next, you can choose to register your domain for multiple years or just the default 1 year. We recommend you click the “Auto Renew” slide button. If you forget to re-register your domain after your chosen period, your website will go down and  your domain will be available for anyone else to register.


  1. Next, click the “Confirm Order” button.
Domain Name Register 6
Domain Name Register 7
  1. Make your payment.



You have now registered your business domain name.

  1. After your payment has confirmed, you will be returned to your dashboard. The next task is to “point” your domain to your hosting provider. If you are hosting your website with Boom My Biz, we will send instructions to you on how to do this.
Domain Name Register 10
Domain Name Register 11
  1. Look for “Nameserver” and click on the small arrow, then select “Custom DNS”.
  1. Your hosting dns address should be displayed in your hosting account dashboard. It should appear something like;

Enter your dns names to the page and click the “tick” save button.


Domain Name Register 12

That’s it. It may take a few hours before the server “propagation” is completed, so your site may be offline for a little while.