Business Website – Stand Out From Your Competitors

A business website helps your company to stand out from your competitors
A business website helps your company to stand out from your competitors

In spite of an increasing significance of an online visibility for businesses of all sizes and industries, many smaller organisations have still not changed their strategy. According to a recent study, 60% of local business in the UK still have no online presence, or business website, at all. (

Your business website is your primary marketing tool. The world has already gone digital. Your business needs to too. Americans invest in typical 23.6 hrs on-line weekly as well as being on their mobile phones for as much as 5 hrs each day. Consumers expect companies to have an online presence (including a site) and also will certainly regard a company that DOESN’T have one as much less professional.

Quite frankly, customers are looking for companies, stores, products and services online. If you want to be discovered, it’s imperative your business has an online presence. In addition, you require your internet presence to be as wide and as comprehensive as it can be in order to catch as many of these new consumers as possible. A strong on-line existence at its core means you need to have a terrific business website that will certainly transform visitors to consumers. You also need a way to drive those visitors to your site to begin with. (

Works For Local, Global And All Points Between

Utilising available online tools doesn’t necessarily indicate trying to go global, rather the opposite actually. It can be an extremely successful path to developing new connections within your existing geographical business area. This is most important to the success of most small and medium sized companies.

Developing your online touchpoints is an efficient and effective way to build relationships with existing clients as well as new prospects, turning those initial online contacts into offline transactions – regular clients and repeat business.

Many companies which do not have a web site often cite it’s due to the fact that their sector isn’t online. I hear this primarily from business owners in the B2B, commercial, and manufacturing markets. ( 84% of today’s customers assume a web site makes your company a lot more trustworthy than business that only have social media page. Your business website is also the ideal area to show off any type of expert certifications, accreditation or awards your company has achieved.

If your business does not have a website yet, get in touch with us and we’ll be delighted to show you how a bespoke site can help propel your company forward.